MYSA Therapy is a unique system created to help manage and conquer anxiety disorders.

Inspired by modern science and both modern and ancient holistic practices, MYSA Therapy can give a person the tools to understand, release and remove anxious feelings and their physical outcomes

MYSA Therapy is not a counselling session, and is more concerned with positive action/change in a persons life than discussing their thoughts.

Designed by Jamie Sidebottom who for many years experienced the debilitating effects of an anxiety disorder first hand.

Having been unsuccessfully treated for anxiety with medication from doctors, and therapy from Councillors and psychologists, Jamie looked elsewhere in order to heal and deal with his condition.

Having been to the extremes of anxiety and OCD, Jamie is a very compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable practioner, who hasn’t just learned from books and lectures, but has a deeper insight into anxiety from his own fight with the condition.

“Thank you Jamie for a really wonderful session. Can’t remember the last time my mind was completely quiet!” L.Holmes

Thanks Jamie

“I just want to say thank you, the last year has made such a difference to both my physical and mental health. I have battled with anxiety to a point where I struggled to leave the house and Jamie has helped to build my confidence and get me back to myself.” Anonymous

Thanks Jamie